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Top-Notch Pediatric and Family Health Services at Home

Stay Well Care Services

Stay Well Care Services

At Home

Our Private Duty Nursing Skilled Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Medication administration and management
  • Tube feedings - GT/NGT/JT care
  • Tracheostomy care and management
  • Ventilator, Bi-Pap, C-Pap
  • Oxygen dependency care
  • Insertion and irrigation of Foley catheters
  • Wound and skin care
  • Glucose testing
  • Hypertension screening/monitoring
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Seizure disorders care
  • Cardiac disorders care
  • Genetic disorders care

The Family

Staff that is trained and supervised by experienced RN Managers - peace of mind. A plan that works for you 24 hours:

  • On-call support
  • High quality of care for your loved one
  • Safety
  • Support groups for caregivers and family
  • Family conferences
  • Family education and counseling
  • Referrals to community resources

For Pediatric Clients In School

Our company uses innovative approaches to the skilled nursing services within a school setting. We believe that nurses are educators by the nature of the profession. As such, our RNs and LPNs are trained to work with professional staff, teachers, and/or curriculum specialists to help children to achieve their highest level of academic potential and growth according to child's individual education program (IEP). Our Services include, but not limited to:

  • Assisting in transport to and from school
  • Accompanying child to school
  • Providing skilled services in school setting
  • Providing personal care and assistance with eating and toileting needs
  • Assisting during school activities and field trips

Stay Well Services Inc Pediatric and Adult Private Duty Nursing Agency

​We offer:

High quality skilled nursing care for families and their functionally impaired and fragile children  at home and in school settings and adults at home settings. Please reach out to let us know how we can best assist you!

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